Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Wait and See"

Today we were told by the Monterey County Elections Department that the Measure J race is still too close to call. Countywide, there are 8,500 ballots that have not yet been tallied. We do not know how many of those are ballots regarding Measure J. (We were told that information is not available.)

According to the official Schedule regulating the verification and tabultation of ballots, the Ballot Tabulation for vote-by-mail and provisional ballots will be on Friday, November 13th. After those ballots have been counted, the results will be posted on the Election Department's website .

Please note: the results posted on November 13th may not be the final count. The Elections Department has until November 23rd to submit the official election results.

So here at the Library, we continue to "wait and see." A win is still possible....


Jean Chapin said...

Thank you, Pamela, for keeping us informed. I'm hoping for the best!

Pamela, Librarian said...


Thank you for your continued interest and support! We know of at least 2,142 others who are waiting... Only a few more days now, until the next tabulation on Friday, the 13th. It could be the Library's lucky day... We'll post the news as soon as we know.