Friday, November 13, 2009

Library's Lucky Day???

"Ballot Tabulation" is on the schedule today for the Monterey County Election Department. That means they will be counting vote-by-mail and provisional ballots, and adjusting the numbers that were posted November 3rd.

"There will definitely be new numbers," we were told Thursday by Election Department officials. How those new numbers add up regarding Measure J remains to be seen. As noted in previous posts, the Library is trailing by 1.5%.

FYI, there may be more than one update during the day. It was suggested that interested voters check the Election website after 5 pm on Friday. Numbers posted Friday will not be "the final certified" results, but they will be a good indicator of final results. "There may or may not be additional changes on Monday," (a day reserved for "ballot duplication and tabulation, if necessary.") Therefore, it was suggested people check their website again Monday after 5 pm.

Your comments, letters, and the vote demonstrate undeniable support for the Library. Thank you - for speaking up to keep the library open, help guarantee a vibrant future for our community, and a continuing legacy of literacy and learning in Pacific Grove.


Anonymous said...

The Mourning After - Pacific Grove should be utterly ashamed of itself. This is outrageous - the 25 people that could have voted Yes to save the library. My years there are for naught - how could you have done this Pacific Grove.

In mourning and anguish -

Polly Archer 11/14/09

Pamela, Librarian said...

Dear Polly,

Let me assure you that your years here were not "for naught." So many people return to the reference desk because of kindness and help they received in the past, by you or Ellen or Bobbie or Jean.... You all made a difference. Pacific Grove was lucky to have all of you work here. And sometime, sooner or later, they will realize what they gave up when they began believing they couldn't afford or didn't need a library. If the Library closes,there will not only be the loss of easy access to information, books, movies, storytimes, literary events, etc.,there will be an undeniable loss of community.


Anonymous said...

And, you also, are part of the continuum of excellent service the community & the library have received over these years. But, it is a very strange feeling to have had such a visceral connection with an institution that will cease to exist. 6 libraries I have worked in over the past 43 years and losing this one is like cutting off a part of my body - as it is for PG itself, cutting out its heart. I truly fear that the community will not realize what they are doing until it is way too late. Courage to all of you.