Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Narrow Loss for Measure J

65.91% is a tremendous amount of support for the Library. But according to law, it is not enough to win. Measure J required 66.67%, approximately 30-35 more votes to pass.

The specific numbers posted yesterday on the Monterey County Election website are:

Semi-Final Election Results for Measure J
YES 2,747 votes 65.91%
NO 1,421 votes 34.09%

Thank you to the 2,747 residents who voted for Measure J. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who worked on the Yes on Measure J campaign. Thank you to everyone else, who lent their time and support, in seen and unseen, large and small ways.

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Anonymous said...

The Mourning After - how difficult for all of us who care and have cared so much for PG and for PGPL.

Polly & Larry