Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Call - Dionne Quintuplets Exhibit

This exhibit has elicited more comments, reference questions and interlibrary loans than any other exhibit. So if you haven't seen it, come in now before it leaves on Tuesday, June 2nd.

On May 28, 1934, five identical girls were born in rural Ontario, Canada. Worldwide frenzy ensued. The Ontario government took custody of the girls, who became known as the Dionne Quins or Quints. They spent their first nine years at Quintland, behind a one-way screen, and tourists came from around the world to watch. This exhibit showcases some of the Depression-era memorabilia that was incredibly popular at the time. It was collected by local artist Snick Farkas.

FYI, Annette and Cecile are the only quints alive today. Happy Birthday Annette! Happy Birthday Cecile!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed this wonderful exhibit. He seems to be in touch with the lost nostalgia in all of us. Henderson Wright