Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Council Approves Budget Cuts

Last Wednesday evening, the City Council approved the Recommended Budget for FY 2009/2010. What did they approve for the Library?
  • Hours cut to 20-24 hours per week.
  • Days open per week cut to 4.
  • One full-time position cut.
  • Part-time Librarian position cut.
  • Part-time Staffing cut.
  • 1-2 Storytime programs per week cut.
  • Book budget cut.
  • Magazine subscriptions cut.
  • Databases cut.
  • Supply budget cut.
  • Overdue fines increased.
  • ILL fee increased.

This is the best case scenario... The worst case scenario is to simply close the Library, if the State "borrows" money from cities (as anticipated).

If you're unhappy about the proposed cuts, NOW is the time to speak up. Write, email, (or forward this blog post with your comments attached), to individual City Council members. And/or attend the next City Council meeting on June 3rd. After that, it will be fait accompli.


Anonymous said...

I read this blog and the Council's news with a heavy heart. I have worked in libraries all of my life and I have never seen a city fail in its civic duty to provide for its citizens in such an irresponsible fashion. Libraries all over the country are staying in business because of our economy but PG wants to close yours down? Something is terribly wrong with this whole picture. I lived in PG when it was a wonderful small town with a city government who cared. It is no longer the "last home town." It is the LOST home town.

Barbara Scheele said...

As a taxpayer and library user I want to know why the Library is in such bad straits. Over a year ago Many of us voted in favor of Measure "U",a sales tax increase which was touted as providing help to the PG Public Library. We're still paying the sales tax, and the library budget is slated for another big cut, on top of the staff cuts already imposed before the measure was passed. Is no one accountable for this abandonment of one of our city treasures? I guess the moral of the story is: never vote for a tax increase. They lie. We lose service. I hope someone brings this point up at the Council Meeting tomorrow June 3rd. Maybe someone will remember this lost promise and do something about it.