Saturday, April 19, 2008

PG Read-a-thon Going Strong!

It's after 5 pm on Saturday. The doors are locked, most of the staff has gone home, but the Library is still full of young readers. They are participating in PG Reads for the Library, a read-a-thon benefiting the Children's Department of the Pacific Grove Public Library.

So far 80 children have signed in, nestled in chairs, opened their books, and read 60 minutes or more for the Library! And every minute matters, because each minute read earns a dollar for children's books and programs.

The night is still young. The read-a-thon continues until midnight tonight. But already, the sight of so many youngsters reading on behalf of their local library has elicited smiles, praise and pride. It's wonderful!

Thank you to all the children who are reading for the Library! You are truly making a difference!

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Ellen said...

Please let those of us here in the blogosphere know how much was raised by the Read-a-thon!