Friday, May 9, 2008

Lisa Maddalena - Our New Senior Librarian

After 24 years of service as the Library's Children's Librarian, Lisa Maddalena has been promoted to Senior Librarian.

Patrons and staff welcomed the news with hearty hurrahs and congratulations. Lisa has a wealth of experience working with the community and staff. So her promotion offers the Library continuity during a time of tremendous change.

Since she began her new job, the Library has hosted the incredibly successful Read-a-thon, (organized by PG Reads for the Library). And now she and the staff are in the final stages of planning the Library's 100th Birthday party. Lisa is 100% enthusiastic about these kinds of events, and hopes to host many more during her tenure as Senior Librarian.

If you don't already know Lisa, please stop by and introduce yourself. Lisa wants to meet (and serve) you all!

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