Monday, April 14, 2008

The Future of Pacific Grove Public Library

Pacific Grove city leaders are in talks with Monterey Public Library about running Pacific Grove Public Library next fiscal year (2008/09.) As many of you know, the library budget was cut 50% to $480,000 for the new year. The city also has decided not to fund any library materials with general fund money.

Who will be running Pacific Grove Public Library come July 1? It is not certain at this point. The city could decide to continue running the library, or they could outsource it. In the meantime, library staff are waiting, and some are finding other jobs.

This will be my last blog since my last day is April 18. I have taken a job with Monterey County Free Libraries. It has been a pleasure working for such a fine library, albeit for only nine months. No matter the governance, the Library will no doubt persevere these troubled times and provide another hundred years of culture and information to city residents.

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