Saturday, March 12, 2011

Website - In the Spotlight

This week we learned about an interesting website: Authorial London. It's the creation of Stanford professor, Martin Evans. During his trips to London, Evans has seached throughout the city for houses, apartments, pubs and other buildings associated with literary authors.

Evans selected fifty North American and British authors who spent a significant part of their lives in London. The list ranges from from Geoffrey Chaucer to Mark Twain. One of the unexpected benefits of his project is that it shows when authors' paths crossed. For example Slyvia Plat once lived in the same house on Primrose Hill in which W. B. Yeate lived many years earlier.

The website is designed for readers of English literature who may not have an opportunity to visit London and explore it's numerous literary sites in person. However even frequent visitors to London will enjoy it.

Read more about the website, and then take a look for yourself: Authorial London.

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Pamela, Librarian said...

Another interesting link, recommended to us from Emma Taylor who works with

They just published a list of "50 Quintessential British Novels"

How many of them have you read?