Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank You, Ashlee!

It has been the Library's good fortune to have had Ashlee Wright as an employee for the past 4 years.

Ashlee Wright is one of the few individuals who has worked in three different job classifications during her tenure at the Library. In 2007, she began working as a shelver, and quickly gained recognition based on her creative ideas, diligent work habits, and infectious enthusiasm.

In 2008, as soon as the budget allowed, Ashlee was promoted to Library Assistant. In that capacity she used her wonderful organizational abilities to bring order to files left unattended due to drastic staff cuts. During this time, she also earned her Masters degree in Library Science via the University of Washington's Distance Learning program.

Following the completion of her graduate studies and the passage of Measure U, we were delighted to bring Ashlee on board as a Librarian. Unfortunately the funding for that position was discontinued after three months. However Ashlee graciously remained with us as a Library Assistant. She continued to distinguish herself with her technical skills and professional initiative. In July 2010, Ashlee was once again promoted to Librarian, and since then has been working at the Reference Desk every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. But that's only a small part of what Ashlee does.....

Ashlee applied for and received a grant to begin a Teen Area in the Library. Next week new shelving arrives and her vision will begin to take shape.... She has also organized and inventoried more than 500 documents and images related to the history of Pacific Grove. We are thrilled to have had this opportunity to deal with the backlog of local history materials. And we could not have made as much progress without Ashlee's dedication and skills.

Many of you have personally benefited from her determination to find the books or information you're seeking. All of you have indirectly benefited from her: artistic flair in creating displays; logistic plans for shifting the collection; and practical suggestions for improving services.

It is with great joy for Ashlee, (and some sadness at our loss), that we share her good news. She has accepted a job offer at the University of San Francisco's Law Library!

Congratulations Ashlee!

Thank you for everything you've done on behalf of the Pacific Grove Public Library and its patrons. You will be missed.
Ashlee will be with us through April 1st, (no joke), for those of you who would like to stop by and wish her well.

Dorraine Zief Law Library - University of San Francisco


Jean Chapin, reference librarian said...

Congratulations Ashlee! Ashlee has also been a wonderful Local History and Reference Librarian for Harrison Memorial Library in Carmel, and we will miss her here as well. The Dorraine Zief Law Library is lucky to have her.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes Ashlee! Ashlee has also been an outstanding Page, Library Assistant, California History Room Assistant, and Reference and Youth Services on-call Librarian at Monterey Public Library! Customers throughout the Monterey Peninsula will miss her positive contributions to library services! - Inga Labeaune, Reference & Readers Services Manager, Monterey Public Library

Wendy -- Reference Librarian said...

Good Luck Ashlee! We will miss her at Harrison Memorial Library.

Pamela, Librarian said...

Dennis Copeland, (Manager of Museum, Cultural Arts and Archives for the City of Monterey), sent more praises for Ashlee. He wrote....

"Three cheers (actually more) in congratulation to Ashlee and wishing her great success with her new position. The blog is a great tribute to Ashlee's many contributions to PGPL.

If you'll recall, Ashlee started her library work on the Monterey Peninsula as an Archives Intern (in partnership with the University of Washington program) in the California History Room and Archives at MPL.

She quickly mastered the basic archival principles and procedures, and her work quickly resulted in several contributions to the History Room. Most recently, she returned as a paid staff member to process the daunting and disorganized collection of environmentalist Margaret Wentworth Owings. She was unflappable in her determination to properly house, arrange, and describe the collection.

I only wish she could continue her work here (with far more hours). She has become indispensable as a processing archival assistant. As you noted, her amazing organizing skills, enthusiasm, public relations skills for patrons of all ages, and talents in general will be greatly missed in the history division and throughout the Monterey Public Library."

Ben - Monterey Public Library said...

Congratulations Ashlee. We'll miss you all over the Monterey Peninsula Library-Land!