Friday, November 12, 2010

New Color Copy Machine!

There's a new
at the Library!

In response to your requests,
(and because the old machine was worn out),
we have a new photocopy machine.
Black & white copies - 15 cents/page
Color copies - 25 cents/page

It's the latest and the greatest.
Come try it out!


Anonymous said...

Didn't work when I came in. You owe me 50 cents.

Pamela, Librarian said...

Dear Anonymous,

We are sotry to hear about your difficulty using our new copy machine. As with many new machines or devices, it operates differently than the previous model. For example: once money is put in the machine, a copy must be made before money is returned.

We are happy to refund a patron's money when the machine does not function properly. It is best to make this request at time of use since we may be able to diagnosis and correct the problem.

In this case, we will be happy to refund your money if you identify yourself (here, online), and come in and speak with Linda or me.