Saturday, February 6, 2010

Library Summit - An Inspiring Success!

Wow! The Library Summit was the place to be this morning. The Museum was packed with Library supporters, who passionately engaged in meetings on various topics.

Attendees had to choose between inspiring sessions such as:
  • Putting another Library Measure on the ballot.
  • Creating a Library Foundation for long-term fundraising.
  • Grassfoots fundraising ideas that can begin now.
  • Creating more visibility for the Library.
  • Consolidation of all libraries in Monterey County.
  • Envisioning the Ideal Library for PG and the Future.
  • "Who is Us?" - identifying the people, in PG & beyond, who use the Library.
  • Creating a tactical plan to implement identified goals.

The Museum was humming with enthusiasm, creativity, expertise and ideas. As one young advocate shared during closing comments, "With all these ideas and all these people who care, I'm sure the Library will stay open. I'm not going to let it close."

Stay tuned for more comments and reports from the Summit, as well as opportunities to get involved!


Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of "young patrons" flows great wisdom. Our kids are trusting us to keep the library doors open.

john said...

It isn't too late to put a parcel tax on the June 2010 ballot,but you must hurry.J

Anonymous said...

I don't want to see the library that John Steinbeck used during his most formative years as a fledgling writer close. Let's all work together to keep it open. The wonderful library staff has stretched themselves to the limit to accommodate larger attendance and more questions, despite less money, staff, and shorter hours. Please don't become complacent that everything is okay because they have made such valiant stop-gap measures. The library could reduce hours even more or even close if we (and the City) don't step up to the plate and pitch in -- yes it's a mixed metaphor. Just do it!