Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Last month we received a suggestion to please consider fundraisers as a means to sustain the Library.

We're happy to report that fundraising events, large and small, are always going on at the Library. Some events are sponsored by our Friends of the Library. But many are initiated and carried out by loyal library patrons, like you. So if you have a great idea, and are ready to roll up your sleeves and organize it, let us know.

Every cent and event makes a difference. Fundraising helps the Library: purchase new books, CDs, DVDs; update computers; purchase new techonology;and fund programs for children and adults.

Examples of 2009 fundraising activities include:
  • The Meet the Author series, featuring authors from the Monterey Peninsula and afar. Sponsored by The Friends of the Library.
  • The 1st Saturday Booksales. Organized and maintained by a trio of dedicated patrons.
  • The Writers' Reading event. C0-hosted by the Central Coast Writers, and organized by Cameron Douglas.
  • The Read-a-thon. Over $10,000 raised by local school children! Organized by Linda and Mei Bailey.
  • A birthday party, where all the "gifts" were donations to the Friends of the Library. Organized by friends of Judy Archibald.
  • Cypress Cleaners will donate 2-5% of your dry cleaning bill to the Library. (This offer is available through 12/31/2009.)

Our next fundraiser will be Thursday September 10th... Stay tuned for more information in the next blog post. (Or if you can't wait, check out the Events page on our web site.)


Anonymous said...

Some of us thought a small independent film festival with a theme, like civic spirituality (not religious,) or grassroot movement toward global changes would be really wonderful, maybe in conjunction with the Asilomer which attracts the same line of groups. If anyone can show me what needs be done, I'd be happy to be on the committee. Is there anyone I should contact?

Pamela, Librarian said...

Thank you for sharing your idea. At this time our Friends of the Library has their hands full with the Meet the Author series. (It's a small group of women who work very hard to plan and host author events 8 times a year.)

If you would like to pursue the idea, we suggest you draw up a proposal outlining suggested films, a budget, possible co-sponsors, a PR plan, etc., and submit your plan to the Board of the Friends of the Library at one of their regularly scheduled meetings.