Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Library Advisory Board Member

We are delighted to announce that Anthony Pearsall was appointed to the Library's Advisory Board by the City Council on July 15, 2009.

Mr. Pearsall jumped into his role immediately. During the City Council meeting that followed his appointment, he spoke emphatically on the need to maintain General Fund support for the Library and place a parcel tax on the November ballot, designated solely for the Library.

Mr. Pearsall is a Pacific Grove resident and homeowner, with two children who attend Pacific Grove Middle School. His entire family visit the Library frequently, often several times a week.

As stated in his application for appointment:
"As a PGMS parent, a member of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club of Pacific Grove, the downtown Business Improvement District, and the Friends of the Library, I am eager to work for the good of this city and the future of one of its central institutions, as a member of the Library Board."

The next Library Advisory Board Meeting will be Tuesday, August 11th at 7 p.m. The meeting is at the Community Center, and the public is welcome to attend.


Justine C said...

Please consider fundraisers and establishing a trust fund/foundation to ensure that library and museum will always have the operational and improvement budget.

Pamela, Librarian said...


Thank you for your suggestion.

FYI, there are several fundraising activities happening as we speak. I'll be writing about them in my next blog post.

The Friends of the Library have been researching what it takes to create a Foundation. It is an involved process that requires legal work, dedicated volunteers, and significant contributions to establish the trust fund.

The issue is receiving full consideration. If you would like to participate in the process, please contact our Friends of the Library organization.