Thursday, June 4, 2009

Booksale on Saturday!

June 6th is the first Saturday of the month, and that means the Friends of the Library are having their monthly book sale, in the Library arcade.

For over a year, volunteers have adopted the colossal task of sorting through heaps of donations, organizing the books, hauling them outdoors, and collecting money.

It sounds like a team of ten or twenty, doesn't it? But all of this is done by 3 amazing volunteers: Amy, Frances & Gary.

From noon until 3 pm, they will be selling DVDs for $3, hardback books for $2, trade paperbacks for $1, and mass market paperbacks for .50. Rare books and special editions are individually priced. And for the adventurous, there are pre-packaged "Surprise Bags:" 10 books for $1!

Come take a look, and pick up some summer reading. Every buck goes to the Library, to purchase new books and materials. And every purchase makes a difference!

p.s. If you can't make it on Saturday, the Library has a small ongoing book sale in the Library also. Books for sale are located on two carts outside the Children's Room, underneath the glass wall.

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