Tuesday, August 3, 2010

City Slogans, 1930-Present

Recently we received a question about Pacific Grove's city slogan. Some know P.G. as "The Last Home Town." Others refer to our town as "Butterfly Town U.S.A."

While searching through the Polk City Directories, we discovered that the city slogan throughout the 1930s was listed as the "City of Smiles." In the 1940s and 1950s it was known as the "City of Homes." And in the 1960s it became known as "Butterfly Town U.S.A." In 1978 the Friends of the Grove (FOG) coined the phrase"The Last Home Town" for bumper stickers used to protest the building of the Pacific Grove Plaza complex on Lighthouse Avenue. The phrase resonated with Pagrovians and continues to be widely used.

Which slogan do you think best fits Pacific Grove? Or have you thought of one that better expresses the most wonderful and unique aspects of our town?


Anonymous said...

And, at one time it was the Dahlia Capital of the country! - polly

Anonymous said...

Pacific Grove: Newlyweds and nearly deads