Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have You Seen....? Update

After checking our sources in the Library, talking to several Pagrovians, posting the question on this blog and the Library's Facebook page, we have been unable to locate the whereabouts of a quote something thought was inscribed on a building in P.G.

We had a promising lead to a location by Lake El Estero in Monterey... but to no avail. Our source double-checked and discovered it was no longer there. So this remains an unanswered question. If you come across it, let us know. Meanwhile we leave you with this poem by Basho, discovered on a small plaque alongside Lake El Estero.

Awake! the sky is light!
Let us to the road
Furry caterpillar

Shall we meet again
Here at your flowering
Two white butterflies?

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