Friday, March 5, 2010

Lisa Maddalena - Employee of the Year!

Lisa Maddalena
was celebrated as Employee of the Year last night,
at a festive reception hosted by Passionfish Restaurant.

Moe Ammar and the Chamber of Commerce hosted the event, which was attended by the Mayor, members of the City Council, City Staff, and numerous Library patrons - including many who identified themselves as a "Story time Mom" or "Story time Dad. "

For 27 years, Lisa has championed reading, story times, creativity and fun for young people. Two generations of Pacific Grove children have benefited from, and been delighted by, her programs and outreach to schools.

More recently she has added Senior Librarian to her title. Amidst incredibly challenging times, she has accepted responsibility for keeping the Library open.

Through easy and difficult times, Lisa remains helpful, kind, resourceful and always ready to greet you a smile. Please stop by to say hello and congratulate Lisa. She's Employee of the Year all year long!

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Tania said...

Well done Lisa, I maybe late on my congratulations but you still have three months to go. I was just checking you are still at PG library, haven't heard from you in a while, love Tania (UK)