Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book & Record Sale - July 3rd

Yes, you read that right. The Book Sale this month will also feature RECORDS, a.k.a. phonograph records, LPs, singles, platters.

The Library has received a record collection as a donation. Some of the recordings are quite old and rare.

Come check it out.
Saturday, noon-3 pm

A list of the recordings and prices will be available at the Book Sale Cashier. And as always, there will be hundreds of great books at bargain prices!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Reading Program

Where the Wet Things Are!
A storytelling safari
with Bob Kanegis and Liz Mangual

Featuring Bluesy Harmonica, Fresh Squeezed Accordion, Ocean Drum, Rain Stick
with an assortment of wacky percussion instruments.
Who is in the Band? Audience Members of Course!!!

suggested for ages 4 and up
2 pm in the Children's Room

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Official - Library Parcel Tax Measure on November Ballot

During the past two months a Library Resolution and Ordinance has been discussed at City Council meetings for putting a Library Parcel Tax on the November ballot. The purpose of the measure is to raise desperately needed funds to restore Library hours and services. On Wednesday, June 23rd, a final version of the measure was approved.

A similar measure appeared on the ballot last November, and was narrowly defeated (by approximately 30 votes).

What makes this measure different?
  • A Steering Committee of concerned citizens drafted this measure based on a thorough analysis of city and library finances. (Last year, the measure was drafted by City Staff.)
  • The amounts of the parcel tax have been reduced: from $96 to $90 for each parcel; and from $75 to $45 per unit for multiple units.
  • There will be no cost of living increases. The tax will remain at the $96 and $45 levels for 10 years.
  • An independent citizen's oversight committee is designated to annually audit how the tax monies are used.
  • The measure specifies the City augment the parcel tax with General Fund monies. 2.83% of the Total General Fund budget is to be allocated annually to the Library. (In FY 2010/11 dollars, that would amount to $420,000.)

The Steering Committee worked diligently, with City Administration and the City Council, to create a measure that responded to residents' suggestions and the fiscal realities of what it costs to restore Library hours and services. We applaud their hard work.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Library Fees Increase

It pays to return your books, CDs and DVDs on time. And the savings will be even greater beginning July 1st.

As approved by City Council, the following Library fees will increase:
  • The overdue fee for adult materials will increase from .25/day to .50/day.
  • The interlibrary loan fee will be $3/per request.
Please Note:
  • These are the first fee increases in more than 10 years.
  • The overdue fees at Pacific Grove Public Library are now the same as at Monterey Public Library.
  • The overdue fee for children materials will remain the same: .25/day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Reading Club

Images In Motion

Is it a film?
a play?
a dance?

No, it's a wonderful and amazing
puppet show.

Join us in the Children's Room
Wednesday, 2 pm

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Art in the Park

This weekend, Artisana Gallery and the City of Pacific Grove are sponsoring the

Arts & Crafts
Jewel Park
Saturday & Sunday
10 am - 5 pm

Photography, paintings, jewelry, sculpture, wind chimes, scarfs, greeting cards and more are featured. Come enjoy the creativity and artistry of your fellow Pagrovians. Live music and snacks are also available. And "all net proceeds will be donated to the Pacific Grove Library!
Support Local Artists & Help Raise Funds for the Library!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wednesday Talent Show

with the

2nd Annual Pacific Grove Kids Talent Show

Sing a Song ~ Tell a Story ~ Share a Joke ~ Dance your Heart Out ~ Paint a Picture ~ Do a Skit ~ Wear a Costume ~ Show your Video ~ Play an Instrument

Share Your Talent!

Wednesday ~2 pm ~ in the Children's Room

Monday, June 7, 2010

This Week @ the Library

There is something for everybody at the Library this week.

Make A Splash Summer Reading Club Events continue on Wednesday at 2 pm, when Randall McGee and his dragon, Groark, take center stage in the Children's Room. (All Summer Reading Club events are open and free for all.)

Immediately afterwards, in the arcade, is a ribbon cutting celebration for Kykat Publishing. You may have read about Jeanne Osio and her daughter Lisa Osio Lavin in The Herald. They've published their first book together, Flying Pieces of Macaroni & Cheese. Stop by between 3-6 pm to meet them and buy their book. 25% of proceeds will be donated to the Library.

And last but not least, on Sunday the 13th, we are delighted to present Jane Smiley. Writer Extraordinaire: Pulitzer Prize winner, childrens book author, biographer (Charles Dickens), and essayist. Join us in Chautauqua Hall at 2 pm. ($10 fee.) A special reception begin at 3:30 in the Library, for an additional fee of $25.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Maps to Borrow!

It's June. School's out. Summer's here. And for many of you that means Summer Vacations!

As you plan your vacations, keep in mind the Library has a Map File. It includes road maps from all the states, some of the major cities, and a few from other countries.

You'll also find special maps such as historical maps, maps on world climate, and the special maps issued by National Geographic magazine.
In these days of GPS and Google maps, a folding map may seem archaic. However, they have their advantages and allure. You're not limited to a small screen size so you get a larger perspective, re-folding a map can be as challenging as sudoku (if you like puzzles), and it's said that reading a map enhances the brain's navigational senses.

So whether you're going on a trip, or have a case of cartophilia, come check out our Map File. Maps can be checked out for 2 weeks, and they can be renewed.